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At Madison Christian Church we are developing a vision through the lens of Discipleship.  This Discipleship Funnel depicts how we are looking at everything we do as a church body.  Absolutely every Ministry Team we have should fit into this funnel. For example, when our Events Ministry Team plans an event such as our Fall Festival, we see it in the Public level of this funnel.  That event is a bridge into the lives of people as we hope to build a relationship with them in order to one day invite them to become Disciples of Jesus.  The event is not an end in itself.

We are stressing hands-on, intentional discipleship from the Public level on down to the Transparent level of a group of 3 or 4 people in our Men’s and our Ladies’ Discipleship groups AND even down to each Disciple’s one on one time with the Lord at the Holy Spirit level.

Jesus is, of course, the perfect example on all of these levels.  He was calling people to Discipleship at the Public level in the feeding of the 5,000 and 4,000 and in the sermon on the mount.  He demonstrated Discipleship at the Holy Spirit level in those moments when He went off by Himself to a solitary place to pray.

We define a Disciple of Jesus this way:  A disciple is one who is centering his/her life around Jesus by following Him and living for His mission.  This is our current vision for Madison Christian Church to become a disciple-making church… providing opportunities for fellowship, learning, serving and outreach in order to help people center their lives around Jesus by following Him and living for His mission.

To put it in a most simple way our vision boils down to this;  TO MAKE MORE AND BETTER DISCIPLES.

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