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The Natasha Crain Podcast

Parenting Books

     Talking with Kids about Jesus

   Faithfully Different

Keeping Your Kids On Gods Side



Equipping Christians to think biblically about worldviews, apologetics, culture, and parenting in a challenging secular world.

The Alisa Childers Podcast


Book:  Another Gospel


Discussions on the most pressing issues of our times.  Helping you process and answer Progressive Christianity and skeptical claims against the gospel from a biblical worldview.


We exist to strengthen and equip parents, couples and families.  

Lots of resources:  Daily Devos, Blog, Podcasts,Newsletters, Seminars, Parenting Advice.  

Visionary Family Ministries

The mission of Visionary Family Ministries is to To build the Church of Jesus Christ through a global reformation of family discipleship. All kinds of informative resources including live conferences, books, DVD Bible Studies, and free internet resources. PARENTS Visionary Parenting inspires and equips parents to impress the hearts of their children with a love for God. COUPLES Visionary Marriage inspires and equips engaged and married couples to capture a compelling, Bible-driven mission for their life together. EMPTY NESTERS Never Too Late encourages and equips empty-nest parents to reconnect with their adult children and encourage them toward faith in Christ. SINGLE PARENTS Support and training for single moms and dads to shape the hearts of their kids with a love for God.  The Visionary Parenting is my favorite book and I wish that every parent would study it.

Protect Young Minds

Protect Young Minds mission is to empower parents, professionals and community leaders to protect young kids from pornography, and promote healing from any sexual exploitation.

We cannot ignore this danger, we must warn our children and teach them how to respond.  

WE have a couple of the books in our libary and one our our families can testify to the value of having a guide for conversation when our children are faced with the world around us.  

Happy Home University


Arlene Pellicane has been interviewing marriage, parenting, and technology experts for her books and Happy Home podcast since 2006.  You'll find very little fluff here.  Every course and book is focused on taking small steps to grow closer to God and your family.  Intensely practical, easy to understand, encouraging and grace based.

Excellent book and even an online course to help parents navigate SCREEN TIME.  

Madison Christian Church Library

Parenting Books

     Visionary Parenting

    Tech Savy Parenting

    The Power of the Praying Parent

    The Blessing

Children's Books

       Bible Stories

       Bible Principal application stories


Family Devotionals

Come in and check out our church library.  We have a variety of parenting resources that will help you improve your parenting skills and teach your children a Biblical world view.   Our selection includes books on prenting and grandparenting, praying for your children, blessing your children, special needs, and even the difficult task of talking to your children and warning them about porn. 


We have  children's  Bible Story Books and stories that teach  Biblical principals in fun and entertaining way.  

We also have family devotionals to equip you to lead a family Bible time in your own home, for all age levels. For older children, we have devotionals for them to do on their own to begin to develop a habit of spending personal  time with God each day.

Axis for Parents of Teens

Axis is a resource for parents of teens that will help bridge the generation gap.  Get educated so you can keep up with current trends and  stay relevant as you  disiple your teen and help them to develop a Christian world view.  Axis will help you create a deep and meaningful connection with your teen through the midst of an extremely loud culture?  Translate culture to show teens  how faith is relevant in every aspect of our lives.

Heritage Builders Global

To find out how you can start building a spiritual heritage for your children, visit the Heritage Builders' Web site.  Their mission is to educate, train and equip parents to become intentional and consistent in passing on a spiritual heritage to their children. With practical tools and resources that will capture children's hearts and minds, the next generation in your home will receive your legacy.

Set Apart Girl Website & Magazine

Leslie Ludy Website:

Eric Ludy Website and Blog:

Eric & Leslie Ludy  website & Podcast:



Set Apart Girl® exists for the sole purpose of pointing women to Jesus Christ. We believe that a woman can only find true beauty, true fulfillment, and true purpose when she surrenders her life to the one true King. 

In a world that pushes us to build our lives around self-seeking pleasure, temporal distractions, and shallow frivolity, the Set Apart message is meant to push you toward an entirely different lifestyle - one that is built around Jesus Christ. The articles you’ll read on this website and in our Set Apart Girl® magazine won’t tickle your ears - but they will stir and awaken your soul.

True set-apartness has nothing to do with adopting a set of rules in order to become more righteous. When you encounter Jesus Christ in a personal and life-changing way, He transforms you from the inside out. He has given everything for you and you delight to give Him everything you are in return.

No matter what your age or season of life, Set Apart Girl® is designed to give you a vision for the beauty of Christ-centered femininity and equip you with the practical tools to live it out. 

Family Life Ministries

The mission for Family Life is to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time by offering a variety of resources.  From Radio broadcasts, bpodcasts, articles, studies, and events.  They provide transferrable, biblically-based help for you at every stage of your marriage and family life. The Family Manifesto provides a scripture-based blueprint for building a godly home. 


With The Family Manifesto, you’ll discover timeless values that provide clear direction – and hope – for our future. This document supports our conviction that the family is the backbone of the Christian church and of society as a whole, and we must uphold, strengthen, and continue to build upon the biblical institutions of marriage and family.


I hightly reccommend the Passport to Purity resource to help you speak with your children about purity.  And the couples get aways to strengthen your  marriage.  

Biblical Parenting


Free Email Parenting Tips -  sign up at to receive guidance and inspiration a couple of times a week in your inbox. Free parenting tips give practical

suggestions to help you relate better to your kids and help your kids change their hearts, not just their behavior.  The tips are gleaned from the live seminars and articles of Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN.  Many more great resources as well.

Love and Respect Website

800 Blog & Podcasts   Emerson Eggerich has a PhD in Child and Family Ecology. He studied the family, and taught about family for many years, but waited until his children were adults and could speak back into what we did as parents. Whether you have younger or older children, you will discover foundational principles for parenting successfully in God’s eyes.



 PursueGOD Kids, believes real life change happens when families make a habit of meaningful conversations.  Search the website for comical videos designed to help kids and families pursue God one topic at a time.  After viewing the video discussion questions are provided. 

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